Emmo Kamen 84V Moto E-Bike

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Emmo-Kamen-Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-SILVEREmmo Kamen Electric Motorcycle EBike

High-Powered 84V Sports Cruiser E-Motorcycle

The sharp-looking Kamen is a sporty cruiser-style motorcycle e-bike that packs a punch! With big power from its 84V system, you’ll accelerate briskly and climb hills with ease. A low seat height makes it also suitable for shorter riders, and comfortably accommodates you plus a passenger along for the ride. It’s an agile bike with inverted suspension for better shock absorption, and quite utilitarian with the optional tail box and saddle box.

🍁 Proudly designed in Canada
🛣️ No license/insurance required
📜 2-Year warranty on frame



•  Mid-size motorcycle frame
•  84V 500W QS Super Torque motor
•  Touring performance seat
•  Hydraulic disc brakes
•  Strengthened & inverted suspension fork
•  Bluetooth programmable controller
•  Security system with remote-start

    Battery & Range Options

    •  84V/20Ah SLA (45-55 km)
    •  84V/32Ah SLA (60-70 km)
    •  84V/50Ah Lithium (100-110 km)

    Top Speed

    •  Limited to 32 km/h (20 mph)
    •  Can be unlocked to go much faster


      No License, No Insurance, No Registration Requirements

      As a mid-size electric motorcycle, the Kamen stands out by its 84V high power system that offers more torque and longer range. The Bluetooth programmable controller offer great flexibility for customization, to better tune the bike up for varying purposes and preference. Huge storage space with optional tailbox and saddle box set offers a total of 82L storage, making it a great utility bike. It carries a security system with remote alarm, remote start, steering lock and motor lock, strengthened suspension fork and hydraulic disk brake system. The equipped LED lights and signal lights are brighter and more energy-efficient.



      Brushless QS 84V Super Torque Motor

      Industry-leading technologies give maximum torque performance and a fantastic riding experience. As one of the most important component of the bike, it ensures that the bike can stand the test of time for years.

      • 14 inch hub motor
      • 500W continuous (750W peak output)

      Strengthened Suspension Fork

      The inverted design realizes a more rapid shock absorption while improving the rigidity of the whole assembly. Reinforced springs help you to have a better control of the bike when turning or braking. The whole assembly is well-calibrated in order to achieve a perfect balance of comfort and control.

      • 31mm inner tube
      • 10mm preload


      As the most reliable stopping technology on the market, the front and rear hydraulic brake systems help you to stop when you need to. The adjustable brake levers allow for customization and you can set an angle which is the most comfortable for you.

      • 24 degrees lever adjustable range
      • 6,000 km rated brake pads lifetime



      14-Inch Tubeless Tire + Hydraulic Brakes - Better performance. More durable, less maintenance required.

      Emmo-Kamen-Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-STORAGEFront Gas Tank Storage + Storage Case Set - Key locked storage for all your daily needs.

      Emmo-Kamen-Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-LED-HEADLIGHTSLED Lighting and Signaling System - Brighter, better light control, more energy-efficient.

      Bluetooth Radio System - Adds more fun to the rides.

      Emmo-Kamen-Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-SEATTouring Performance Seat - Ergonomically designed to maximize the comfort.

      Passenger Handle - Safety for the passenger matters!

      Emmo-Kamen-Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-FOOTPEGFoldable Passenger Footpeg - Comfort for the passenger matters as well!

      Digital LCD Screen - Digital back-lighted speedometer for clear readings any time day or night.


      Battery 84V/20 SLA;
      84V/32 SLA;
      84V/50Ah Lithium
      Motor 500W 14-inch QS Motor
      Security System Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock
      Net Weight 120 kg
      Climbing Angle 30 Degrees
      Rear Brake Hydraulic Disk Brake
      Rear Tire 120/70-14 Tubeless Tire
      Storage Front Gastank Storage + Optional Touring Storage Case Set.
      Charging time 3 - 10 Hours
      Display LCD Back-Lighted Speedometer
      Lighting System LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light
      Load Capacity 290 kg / 640 lbs
      Range 45-55 km (84V20Ah SLA);
      60-70 km (84V32Ah SLA);
      100-110 km (84V50Ah Lithium)*‍
      Front Brake Hydraulic Disk Brake
      Front Tire 120/70-14 Tubeless Tire
      Passenger Seat Yes
      Dimension 193 cm (Length)x 79 cm (Width) x 110 cm (Height) /
      76 inch (Length) x 31 inch (Width) x 43 inch (Height)



      ✶ Financing options available through PayPlan by RBC.
      ✶ Ships directly to you (90% assembled, easy-to-complete).
      ✶ Pick-up is also available from a local Emmo dealer near you.