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emmo-nok-electric-scooter-84v-moped-ebike-front-sideEmmo NOK Electric Scooter Moped EBike

NEW Modern, Rugged & Powerful 84V E-Scooter

The Emmo NOK combines ultra-modern design and rugged aesthetics. Driven by a motorcycle-class 84V Super Torque motor, it promises swift acceleration and top-notch performance. There’s ample storage with a front rack, under-seat compartment, and optional side and rear units. Plus, its removable Lithium battery offers easy charging and swapping flexibility. Available in awesome colors such as matte black, carbon fiber, flat grey or camo orange!

🍁 Proudly designed in Canada
🛣️ No license/insurance required
📜 2-Year warranty on frame



•  Large moped e-scooter
•  Super-Torque 84V motor
•  SLA or Removable Lithium battery
•  Hydraulic disc brakes
•  LED headlights, signals taillight
•  Security system + steering & motor lock
•  Remote start, remote alarm

Battery & Range Options

•  84V/20Ah SLA (40-50 km)
•  84V/50Ah Lithium (100-110 km)

Top Speed

•  Limited to 32 km/h (20 mph)
•  Can be unlocked to go much faster


    No License, No Insurance, No Registration Requirements

    The Emmo NOK ebike stands out with its rugged design and formidable handling, all without the need for a license or insurance. A powerhouse in the realm of large-size electric scooters, it is driven by an 84V QS 500W brushless hub motor, delivering smooth acceleration. Safety is paramount with its front and rear hydraulic brake systems, augmented by motor cutoff switches to ensure reliable stopping power in any situation. Storage is ample, accommodating everyday essentials with ease, while the expansive seating area promises comfort for both the rider and passenger, even on extended journeys. The 12-inch wheels provide high clearance, and the robust, maintenance-free tubeless tires are ready to tackle any terrain. With full suspension, the EMMO NOK is designed for both comfort and adventure, making it an ideal choice for daily commutes or leisurely cruises!



    500W Brushless QS Super Torque Motor

    Industry-leading technologies give maximum torque performance and a fantastic riding experience. As one of the most important component of the bike, it ensures that the bike can stand the test of time for years.

    • 12 inch hub motor
    • 500W continuous output

    Advanced LED Color Display

    An intuitive interface designed for modern riders, the 8-inch LED speedometer not only keeps you updated on your trip details but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. Its self-lit feature ensures clear visibility, even in low-light conditions, making your rides safer and more enjoyable.

    • Real-time voltage indication
    • 450:1 display contrast ratio


    As the most reliable stopping technologies on the market, together with the large size brake disk, the front and rear hydraulic brake systems make sure that you can stop with ease when you need to. Combined with the motor cutoff switches, they provide ample stopping power even under the harshest conditions.

    • 220 mm large brake discs
    • Up to 6,000 km rated brake pads lifetime


    8-Inch Color LCD Display - Clear, vibrant, and offers an immersive visual experience.

    emmo-nok-electric-scooter-84v-moped-ebike-Headlight_Front_RackLED Headlight + Front Rack - The bright and energy-efficient LED headlight ensures safe night rides, while the sturdy front rack provides convenient storage for your belongings.

    emmo-nok-electric-scooter-84v-moped-ebike-Under_Seat_StorageUnder-Seat Storage - Spacious and concealed, offering ample storage.

    emmo-nok-electric-scooter-84v-moped-ebike-RadioBluetooth Radio System - Seamless connectivity for on-the-go entertainment, making every journey enjoyable.

    emmo-nok-electric-scooter-84v-moped-ebike-IgnitionDouble Lock Ignition + Built-In Alarm System - Enhanced security with dual protection, ensuring peace of mind for every ride.

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes - Precision stopping power with responsive control, ensuring maximum safety during rides.

    emmo-nok-electric-scooter-84v-moped-ebike-Hand_GuardOptional Hand Guard - Provides added protection, shielding hands from debris and external elements during rides.

    Optional Tail Box or Saddle Box - Enhance convenience on the go with the option to attach a saddle bag or tail box, offering additional storage solutions for your personal belongings.


    Battery 84V/20 SLA;
    84V/50Ah Lithium (removable);
    Motor 84V QS Super Torque Motor
    Security System Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock
    Net Weight 120 kg
    Climbing Angle 35 Degrees
    Rear Brake Hydraulic Disk Brake
    Rear Tire 130/70-12 Tubeless Tire
    Storage Underseat Storage: Saddle Box(optional); Tailbox(optional)
    Charging time 3 - 10 Hours
    Display Advanced Color LCD Speedometer
    Lighting System LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light
    Load Capacity 280 kg / 620 lbs
    Range 40-50 km (84V/20Ah SLA);
    110 km(84V50Ah Lithium)*‍
    Front Brake Hydraulic Disk Brake
    Front Tire 130/70-12 Tubeless Tire
    Passenger Seat Yes
    Dimension 196 cm (Length)x 77 cm (Width) x 137 cm (Height) /
    77 inch (Length) x 31 inch (Width) x 54 inch (Height)


    ✶ Financing options available through PayPlan by RBC.
    ✶ Ships directly to you (90% assembled, easy-to-complete).
    ✶ Pick-up is also available from a local Emmo dealer near you.