Emmo DX Moto E-Bike

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Emmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-REDEmmo DX Electric Motorcycle EBike

Dual Removable Battery Mid-Size E-Motorcycle

Emmo’s DX e-bike blends iconic Italian design with the city-friendly efficiency of an electric motorcycle. A lightweight mid-size frame, full-suspension system and hydraulic disc brakes create an engaging riding experience. Offering a sporty, nimble feel, the DX is also convenient as it accommodates up to 2 lithium batteries which can be removed for storage or charging. Plus, there’s a programmable controller for fine-tuning your ride, and you can enable the Bluetooth exhaust for a real sport bike soundtrack.

🍁 Proudly designed in Canada
🛣️ No license/insurance required
📜 2-Year warranty on frame

Emmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-GREENEmmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-GREY


•  Mid-size motorcycle frame
•  72V 500W QS Super Torque motor
•  Removable dual lithium battery option
•  Hydraulic disk brakes
•  Bluetooth programmable controller
•  Bluetooth exhaust system
•  Up to 120 km on a single charge

    Battery & Range Options

    • 72V/20Ah SLA (45-55 km)
    • 72V/32Ah SLA (55-65 km)
    • 72V/30Ah Lithium (60-70 km)
    • 72V/30Ah Dual Lithium (120 km)

    Top Speed

    •  Limited to 32 km/h (20 mph)
    •  Can be unlocked to go much faster

      Emmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-GREYEmmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-RED

      No License, No Insurance, No Registration Requirements

      The DX is not just another bicycle; it's a finely tuned machine characterized by its sleek and contemporary design. One of the standout features of the DX is its Dual removable lithium battery system. This feature not only ensures consistent power but also provides an impressive range of up to 120km on a single charge. This means you can journey longer distances without the frequent need to recharge, making it ideal for both urban commutes and longer recreational rides. Furthermore, the bike's lighter weight is a significant advantage, especially when navigating through city streets or maneuvering on challenging terrains. A lightweight design contributes to responsive handling, making tight turns and quick stops more fluid and safer. It's evident that every design choice was made with the rider's ease and comfort in mind. But the DX doesn’t stop at just physical design and efficiency. With its combination of extended range, lightweight build, and customizable features, the DX stands as a testament to modern cycling innovation.

      Emmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-RED-EXHAUSTEmmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-GREEN


      500W Brushless QS Super Torque Motor

      Industry-leading technologies provide maximum torque performance and a fantastic riding experience like a real sports bike.

      • 500W continuous
      • 14 inch hub motor

      Removable 72V Lithium-ion Battery*

      Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality lithium-ion battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System gives you a peace of mind in use, maintenance and storage . The removable design adds incredible convenience to your daily use.

      • 1000 rated recharging cycles
      • Up to 120 km range with dual-lithium 60Ah version
      • *Sealed lead acid batteries also available


      As the most reliable stopping technology on the market, the front and rear hydraulic brake systems help you to stop when you need to. The adjustable brake levers allow for customization and you can set an angle which is the most comfortable for you.

      • 24 degrees lever adjustable range
      • 6,000 km rated brake pads lifetime

      Emmo-DX Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-GREEN


      Adjustable Brake Levers - Fit better in your hands.

      Front Hydraulic Disc Brake - Better stopping technology.

      Emmo-DX-Electric-Motorcycle-EBike-Emmo_GTS_Suspension_SystemEmmo GTS Suspension System - Well calibrated for more comfortable riding experiences.

      Bluetooth Exhaust - Makes the noise of a real bike, for more fun on rides.

      Front Gas Tank Storage - Key locked storage under the tank for all your daily needs.

      LED Tail Light & Turning Signals - LED fixtures are more energy efficient than a traditional system. Higher visibility makes your rides safer.

      Removable Lithium Battery(ies) - Convenient to remove for storage or charging.

      Digital LCD Screen - Digital speedometer for clear readings any time day or night.


      Battery 72V/20 SLA;
      72V/32 SLA;
      72V/30Ah Lithium (Removable);
      72V/60Ah Dual Lithium (Removable)‍
      Motor 500W Continuously QS Motor
      Security System Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock
      Net Weight 120 kg
      Climbing Angle 25 Degrees
      Rear Brake Hydraulic Disk Brake
      Rear Tire 120/70-14 Tubeless Tire
      Storage Front Gastank Storage
      Charging time 3 - 10 Hours
      Display LCD Back-lighted Speedometer
      Lighting System LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light
      Load Capacity 280 kg / 600 lbs
      Range 45-55 km (72V20Ah GEL SLA);
      55-65 km (72V32Ah GEL SLA);
      60-70 km (72V30Ah Lithium);
      120 km (72V60Ah Dual Lithium)*‍
      Front Brake Hydraulic Disk Brake
      Front Tire 120/70-14 Tubeless Tire
      Passenger Seat Yes
      Dimension 191 cm (Length)x 79 cm (Width) x 104 cm (Height) /
      75 inch (Length) x 31 inch (Width) x 41 inch (Height)




      ✶ Financing options available through PayPlan by RBC.
      ✶ Ships directly to you (90% assembled, easy-to-complete).
      ✶ Pick-up is also available from a local Emmo dealer near you.