About Us

House of Bikes is a proud sponsor of the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association in support of their development and maintenance of the very trails we rip all year on our MTBs and fat bikes - i.e. LaRose Forest, South March Highlands in Kanata and Gatineau Parc. Thanks for all your hard work guys, it allows so many of us to enjoy this wicked hobby / obsession of ours! 🙏 


Welcome to House of Bikes! They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so perhaps this little showcase depicts our story. The journey began with motorcycles (sport bikes) and a desire to improve track skills. Little did we know we’d cascade into cross-training on dirt bikes, then mountain bikes and fat bikes. What a world to stumble into! The added exercise and increased balance translated well to a life on two-wheels. And so the stage was set for an addiction to bike pretty much anywhere, anytime!


From gravel racing in Gravel Cup Canada, to road biking in Gatineau park, cross-country MTB rides at LaRose Forest and Enduro at Mont Ste-Marie, its safe to say we don’t discriminate against any cycling discipline. The fun is so contagious that Alex founded House of Bikes in 2021 by cleaning, tuning and selling pre-owned bikes in order to encourage more people to get out and ride a bike. With high standards for quality and customer service, we built a reputation we are proud of and strive to maintain.


Thousands of kilometers and a few years later, the cycling industry has had its fair share of ups and downs. People now spend more time commuting back to their offices, and electric bikes are growing in popularity. This makes cycling accessible to riders of all ages and abilities. And this is why House of Bikes was founded in the first place – spreading the joy of cycling to as many as possible! As we adapt to an ever-changing market, we hope to continue fulfilling our mission with new and exciting products such electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles and dirt bikes. Welcome to the addiction!