Emmo Urban T2 E-Scooter

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Emmo-Urban-T2-electric-moped-ebike-blue-cityEmmo Urban T2 Electric Moped EBike

Compact Pedal-Assist Commuting E-Scooter

The EMMO Urban T2 is an ultimate compact scooter-style ebike designed for commuting or food delivery services. With its sleek design and removable battery, this e-moped offers unparalleled convenience and versatility. With electric pedal-assistance and a remarkable range of up to 100 km, the Urban T2 ensures you’ve got the juice needed for many rides without worrying about recharging. Commute in style and elevate your food delivery game with the EMMO Urban T2!

🍁 Proudly designed in Canada
🛣️ No license/insurance required
📜 2-Year warranty on frame



•  Compact-size moped scooter frame
•  48V 500W motor
•  Pedal-assist function
•  Removable SLA or Lithium battery
•  Dual-piston front hydraulic disc brake
•  LED headlights, signals & taillight
•  Security system + steering & motor lock
•  Remote start, remote alarm

    Battery & Range Options

    •  48V/12Ah SLA (25-30 km)
    •  48V/16Ah Lithium (45-50 km)
    •  48V/30Ah Lithium (65-75 km)
    •  48V/50Ah Lithium (90-100 km)

    Top Speed

    •  Limited to 32 km/h (20 mph)
    •  Can be unlocked to go much faster


      No License, No Insurance, No Registration Requirements

      The Emmo Urban T redefines urban e-biking with its compact step-thru design, full suspension, and powerful 500W motor, paired with a 48V removable battery. Capable of reaching up to 100 km with a generous 350lbs load capacity, it's tailored for both city commutes and social rides. Offering both throttle and pedal-assist modes, the Urban T is versatile for any preference, and its waterproof LCD display keeps vital stats at your fingertips. Safety is enhanced with LED lights and turn signals, making night rides safer. With options for extensive range batteries, the Urban T stands out as a top choice for comfortable, convenient urban transport.



      500W Brushless Hub Motor

      Industry-leading technologies give maximum torque performance and a fantastic riding experience on varying road conditions.

      • 500W continuous output
      • 80 Nm max motor torque

      Removable 48V Lithium-ion Battery

      Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality lithium-ion battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System gives you a peace of mind in use, maintenance and storage. The removable design adds incredible convenience to your daily use.

      • 1000 rated recharging cycles
      • Up to 100 km travel range

      16x3.0 Tubeless Tires

      The all-season tubeless tires promise increased traction and handling in wet conditions. Compared to traditional tubed tires, they are more resilient and reliable thanks to the well-thought-out layer structure.

      • 4 layers rough construction
      • 20,000 km rated tire lifetime



      Removable Battery - Adds incredible convenience to your daily use and storage.

      Emmo-Urban-T2-electric-moped-ebike-Hydraulic_Disk_BrakeFront Hydraulic Disk Brake - Better stopping technology.

      Emmo-Urban-T2-electric-moped-ebike-Suspension3rd Generation Suspension System - Well calibrated for more comfortable riding experiences.

      LED Headlight - More energy efficient without comprising stylishness.

      Emmo-Urban-T2-electric-moped-ebike-Tubeless_TireTubeless Tires - More durable, less maintenance required. Money saver in the long term.

      Emmo-Urban-T2-electric-moped-ebike-FootpegFoldable Passenger Footpeg - Comfort for the passenger matters as well!

      Emmo-Urban-T2-electric-moped-ebike-LCD_DisplayDigital LCD Screen - Digital speedometer for clear readings any time day or night.

      Emmo-Urban-T2-electric-moped-ebike-Rear_RackRear Handle/ Rear Rack - Rear handle provides grip support for the passenger. You can also choose to upgrade it to a rear rack for carrying a rear carrier.


      Battery (Removable) 48V/12Ah SLA;
      48V/16Ah Lithium;
      48V/30Ah Lithium;
      48V/50Ah Lithium
      Motor Continuously 500W Motor
      Security System Remote Alarm; Remote Start; Steering Lock; Motor Lock
      Net Weight 75 kg
      Climbing Angle 25 Degrees
      Rear Brake Drum Brake
      Rear Tire 18x2.5 Tubeless Tire (or 16x3.0 Tubeless Tire depending on the batch)
      Storage Front Storage Box
      Charging time 3 - 10 Hours
      Display LCD Back-lighted Speedometer
      Lighting System LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light
      Load Capacity 160 kg / 350 lbs
      Range 25-30 km (48V12Ah SLA);
      45-50 km (48V16Ah Lithium);
      55-60 km (48V30Ah Lithium);
      90-100 km (48V50Ah Lithium)*‍
      Front Brake Hydraulic Disk Brake
      Front Tire 18x2.5 Tubeless Tire (or 16x3.0 Tubeless Tire depending on the batch)
      Passenger Seat Yes
      Dimension 168 cm (Length)x 69 cm (Width) x 109 cm (Height) /
      66 inch (Length) x 27 inch (Width) x 43 inch (Height)



      ✶ Financing options available through PayPlan by RBC.
      ✶ Ships directly to you (90% assembled, easy-to-complete).
      ✶ Pick-up is also available from a local Emmo dealer near you.